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Review Transformers Age of Extinction (2014)

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

Let me be frank. I love Transformers. The original ones from the cartoons and the toys. When word got around they would be making live action versions I could not be happier. Then the first one was made and while liking it very much I wasn't happy with Michael Bay's take on it. This love and hate for these movies continued until the third part. I absolutely hated that part. It was Bay out of control. Therefore I was not happy with the news a fourth one was coming. However I am glad to report that Age of Extinction is a major improvement over the third one. It's a Michael Bay in control most of the time. The last thirty minutes the film went downhill again but still not nearly as bad as the third one. 

To my astonishment I actually had fun watching. Mark Wahlberg certainly was a good call. His involvement was not always believable. But definitely was more so than Shia ever could be. Although why they needed to add a teenage daughter and a boyfriend escapes me. Bay should know by now that people were getting tired of those teen antics. If you already decided to not put Shia and co in then why still add those teens. Anyways the action and the fights is more focused now. It is much clearer to follow it even if it was hard to make out who the good and bad guys were. The improvement in comparison to earlier films is that the Transformers do get more screen time. The scenes with Optimus Prime easily are the best and it tells me what I already have known for a long time. Give him and his Transformers a more prominent role, diminish the human activity and you have a much better film. Real shame that Michael Bay could not cut down on the running time. It clearly is too long and too much. Which brings me to the inclusion of the dinobots. They are featured at the very end. At a time most people will have become exhausted. The impact that their entrance should have made therefore is very negligible. Dinobots always have rocked. Their cameo treatment was a big disappointment. Overall Transformers Age of Extinction is good fun. But don't expect too much. There is a heavy been there done that feel to it.  

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