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Tax for owning bikes

Very often these days you see things occurring that makes your blood boil. Changes sometimes are inevitable and needed. But not if they are for the worse. It's very aggravating actually because most of the changes can be stopped if people would take more interest and be more critical. Not showing or being interested in #political or #economical matters is exactly what these #evil #corporations and #governments are counting on. Please for your own sake and future take more interest, be more aware, be more #critical and be prepared to take action to do something about it.

Now why this speech. Well, I came across this #Mexican article where it says that they are going to #tax people for owning a #bike . Why? Because they are out of #money and need to get it from somewhere. And as usual the #people are the victims. It's an #outrage and completely #ridiculous. How far do you think they will for #taxing your #farts. At least they could make a point of that being #polluting. Honestly these things should be stopped. Or I fear the worst. And don't ever think, you can't do something about it. We can, we always can. But you have to be more active, organize or at least be more critical and spread these kinds of stories on the net to get through to people and those evil doers. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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