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Review Tammy (2014)

genre: comedy, drama

Melissa McCarthy has confirmed it if there was any doubt left, she is a one trick pony. And not a very good one. In most reviews about Tammy you will hear how talented Melissa is and that she is a good comedian. Well, I liked her in Mike & Molly but in everything I have seen here in after I can't say I am convinced. At first she had a good excuse. The fact that she was being typecast. But get this. Tammy is written and produced by her and her husband Ben Falcone (the guy who plays the manager of the fast food joint in Tammy). Obviously McCarthy likes playing the roles off these obnoxious types. In here Kathy Bates sets her straight with a message that some really should take to heart. But the problem is before you get to that point you have to endure some supposedly comedic scenes that aren't funny or dramatic in a way that they get to you. The way Tammy is presented simply won't make you like her or feel sorry for her. I believe that is because Melissa McCarthy is a very bad actress and she is very limited in her expressions. I refer to The Heat and Identity Thief for that. Susan Sarandon is great as always and she tries her best to make the most of it. But she is let down by the direction and Melissa McCarthy. One of the funniest scenes if not the funniest scene already was shown in the trailer. The one where she very sweetly offers Melissa's character some alcohol while they are driving. I am not kidding that this is the funniest scene. I know that the official teaser trailer might have given you the impression that Tammy is super funny. But if you compare that to the actual scene you will be very disappointed. This scene makes no sense whatsoever. You are going to rob a place. Are you going to announce this to the world by acting like Tammy or are would you keep it on the down low and be as silent as possible. Of course I know this is only a movie. But even in movies there has to be some logic to it even if it is ridiculous in the real world. And there is no logic. In my opinion it is very weak attempt to be funny without actually being funny. So that should give you an idea how this movie is going to be like. I am not going to waste more words on this. This is terrible and a waste of time. Don't watch!

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