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Review Sabotage (2014)

genre: crime, action, mystery

Sabotage makes The Last Stand look like a masterpiece. At least that film knew when not to take things too seriously. I don't even know where to begin to explain how awful this movie is. For one thing it is bloody, gory and completely disgusting for all the wrong reasons. I don't shy away from blood or gore but there has to be a point to it. Here it is just repulsive and no proper context at all. The action is decent enough when it is there but not enough for Sabotage to be called an action movie. And this is probably one of the main reasons why people will feel let down. For some reason Sabotage is more a mystery only one that is hardly gripping or interesting. Most characters are unlikable. I know they are being depicted as a bunch of though guys and villains because that is required of them in the jobs they do or at least that is what the writer and director wants us to think. But there is nothing to them that makes me want to hang out with them ever. In fact I would not even want to work with them together. Because they are the types that will get you intro trouble all the time. Even the most evil of people have some good qualities about them and here they are conveniently missing. Since that would actually require some good writing. So when these guys get killed one by one where the results are shown with intestines and organs hanging out of their bodies you only get disgusted because of that image, not because they are dead. Even Arnie barely shows emotion when he sees his dead team members. And he apparently sees his team as family. If he does not care why should the audience? The whole plot drags until the reveal comes that will hardly surprise people and then that plot just stops and the film goes into another direction for the last 7 minutes. I must say it was a nice scene in an old school Schwarzenegger movie but now it seemed misplaced. The writing and the pace of Sabotage is terrible. I could have enjoyed this film if it properly build up the tension necessary for the mystery. But it never does. It shows you blood, gore and all kinds of nastiness in full glory instead. That is bad film making pure and simple. Arnold is acting decently. But I don't want to watch Arnie act. I want him to be the action hero he used to play. I am sorry Arnold but that is how it is. Don't watch this film, you really are going to be sorry you did. It's a complete waste of time. 

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