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Review Noah (2014)

genre: fantasy, drama, action, adventure, religion

Who doesn't know the biblical story of Noah and the Ark? Naturally it is hard to deny that it is and yet if one wants to enjoy this film the best one should ignore it has anything to do with God and the Bible. Which is easier said than done I must admit. Still not that hard since the film does make everything look more like an apocalyptic fantasy movie where for example Rock creatures walk amongst men. The explanation for these Rock creatures only add to the confusion but might also make it easier to take out God and the Bible of the story that is being told. Ignoring the religious context however does expose a bigger problem. Lack of substance. For a film that is epic in scale it does not contain much to keep you interesting. Apart from a few battles and action scenes and the melodrama it has nothing else to offer. Noah is too gullible for words. He rarely questions what he sees and experiences. He believes right from the moment we meet him. Now tell me would you really be doing that if you would experience the first vision that is depicted. If it were me I would first made sure I was not hallucinating because I drank one too many or accidentally ate some bad mushrooms. Let's assume Noah is the very simple and always believing type. What about his family? They also don't have doubts until much later. Which does not make sense. First they go along with his crazy and preposterous idea.  And then when all his unlikely visions have come true then suddenly they are not sure any more? They have had no reason to question him before at all and suddenly they do? Storytelling wise this is just faking drama. The same is done by bringing in a villain that to me had no place in this film whatsoever. Ray Winston's character is the depiction of evil and tries to seduce and mislead people whenever he can. That is why he is evil of course, I do get that. But his seduction skills weren't that convincing. He is not able to show the beauty of going against the rules yet somehow he does get through to some of the characters. It is reaching for a contrast that simply is not there and therefore completely useless. The whole good versus evil could have worked if they would have shown us the differences between them. The main purpose of the villain is to show us some action but that is all there is to him. Noah is far from the epic spectacle it claims to be. Nor is it a story that will make you think. It's pretentious crap and very boring in every aspect. I can't recommend this one at all. Skip this one please!


Unknown said...

I THiNk I WiLL MaKe My OwN OPiNiOn, BuT THaNkS ANyWaY. I WiLL WaiT FoR DvD, PReMiuM CHaNNeL HaS iT oR MaYBe PPV!

chrichtonsworld.com said...

The whole point of my blog and my reviews is to give you an idea of what I liked and not liked so that you can make your opinion. I always try my hardest to find the good in a film and tell about it. But sometimes that is impossible which leads me to saying that I can't recommend it.




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