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Review The Last Light (2014)

genre: drama, thriller

The Last Light to put it mildly is a waste of your time. This you will discover after just ten minutes. Now normally I don't give up on movies this quickly because often there is something (usually in the ending) that redeems itself. Well, after putting myself through the agony and torture trying to watch the movie fully I gave up and skip through it to see if it would improve so that I could give this film a second chance. And sadly I have to report it doesn't. If anything the unoriginal ending will make you curse everyone involved in this project. I am sure the film makers had very good intentions and they tried to tell a good story. However everything is so obvious from the first fifteen minutes that you can pretty much guess what is going on. Still that is not such a problem since telling an original story in this day and age is pretty difficult to do. But what a movie should do is able to grab you and put you on a journey and makes it worth your while. The Last Light fails to do this. With it's simple premise but effective setting they could have done so much more. Instead you get vague, abstract sequences that very obviously hint that our main character is seeing things. Already suggesting you can't really trust what he is experiencing. But even if he were why not go full out? Why not give us a peak of the terror? Why not let us experience the same he is experiencing? Throughout the film you don't feel a thing for any of the characters no matter how good the actors try to work with the little they are given. The main character Jack Lewis played by Ed Quinn (best known for tvshow Eureka) is too calm and composed while everyone is freaking out. More emotional impact would have helped tremendously. And would it have hurt to put in some really thrilling moments. Give us some scenes where it would not be obvious that we can't rely on what we are being told. A few scares and thrills might have at least given us some fun. Oh yes, adding humour for some film makers is like kryptonite to Superman. In their mind that is dangerous and devastating. In my opinion taking yourself too serious when making films like these is like a carnal sin. Whatever happened to pleasing and entertaining your audience instead of overwhelming them with unoriginal pretentious crap. Overall The Last Light is incredibly bad that has no redeeming values at all. Skip this!

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