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Review The Rain Killer (1990)

genre: thriller

Huh? The comparison to Psycho shows how delusional the director must have been.

The Rain Killer is an almost gialloesque thriller that has a nice simple premise. It actually does start out really good and interesting but throughout there are some elements that could get in the way of the excitement. The way the scenes are set up for example. The intentions are clear and obvious. The director tries to create tension between the main characters but fails miserably since these scenes are not tense just super hilarious. Let me describe a scene for you:

Tania Coleridge
Cop Capra (Ray Sharkey) and temporary partner Dalton played by David Beecroft. (FBI agent) visit agent's ex wife out of the blue in the middle of the night. The gorgeous Tania Coleridge does impress with her suave attitude and beauty. Even then the following scene is too unbelievable for words. Cop visits Adele on his own and comes in like he is visiting a friend. They exchange a few words then they kiss. He stops, walks to the door and after three seconds of some really hard thinking he walks back and kisses her again. Which leads to some long love making. Now of course there could be an instant attraction and tension. Here none of the the characters actually show this. The few lines that are said aren't remotely intriguing or exciting. Ray Sharkey looks and walks around like he is doing groceries. 

Rather hilarious if you think about it. But word of advice. Don't. Just turn off your brain.

Ray Sharkey on the job. Real commitment!

It's an interesting plot event since it does raise the stakes. But nothing worth wile is being done with this. A little more dramatic interaction alone would have done the trick. Plus the disinterest of Ray Sharkey in his role which is painfully obvious hurts the seriousness of it all. If only the director put more effort into motivating his main character. The moment Ray Sharkey lands this case he is fed up with police work. You see him sighing and cursing, and making it believable he needs a vacation. But when he meets his new sweetheart he becomes even more fatigued with his work while you would think the case would have had more urgency now since his lady was involved. By then another angle is examined and fair is fair it keeps the plot going. A few decent red herrings and tolerable ending except for the silly horror twist.* It is clear that the director tried to make something good but was in over his head. A real shame since the story had good potential. Now I would not say this is a complete waste of time. I do think that this is one of those movies you have to watch with a group of friends since the hilarity of it all makes it very fun. Other than that I would skip on this.


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