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Review Blended (2014)

genre: comedy, drama

An Adam Sandler movie light with emphasis on touching and endearing drama. There is no doubt that the intentions were good and the way the cast play their roles helped that tremendously. The beautiful landscapes of South Africa of course also made it appealing But one thing that is vital for films like these is chemistry. There is no chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. And most of the events are based on that chemistry. Especially in the beginning it is hard to get into whatever Sandler is trying to convince us of. It also does not help that the issues these single parents face are simplistic of nature. While there was attention and caution in relation to widowhood the blend of the drama and the comedy felt a little forced and fake. Sandler did this much better in Click (2006).  And to tell you the truth I was expecting much more comic relief. Thank god for Terry Crews and his antics as Nickens. Plus the music band of monkeys. I mean to not like that is just evil. Almost every event and ending is incredibly predictable. Is that a bad thing? No, it's not but I can imagine that for a lot of people this just won't do. They want more craziness from Sandler. However despite all my criticisms I still end up liking it. What can I say, I like films that make you feel good at the end.

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