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Review Waxwork II:Lost in Time (1992): Does meta better than Cabin in the Woods could dream off!

genre:horror, comedy, adventure, science fiction

Right after the short recap of the first movie it becomes clear that Waxwork 2 has thrown out all the serious elements and should rather be seen as an adventure comedy in stead of a horror. However it compensates the suspense and thrills with all the nastiness old school gore can provide. The best of all is that Waxwork 2 is filled with references to horror classics in the same vein as the original and goes beyond that since it doesn't stay with horror alone. I am not going to mention the films that are referred to because obviously that would take out all the fun. And believe me there are so many references your head will almost explode. The addition of cameos like Bruce Campbell and David Carradine complete the spoof experience giving it that extra flavour. Yummy! Or should I say Groovy? There is absolutely no point in discussing the plot. The least you know the more rewarding it will be. All that is left to be said is this:

I do have to add that I think that this film handles meta much better than Cabin in the Woods. That one tried too hard and felt very forced. 

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