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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

genre: fantasy, action, adventure,

The first Percy Jackson had not wowed me as much as I hoped it would and I was really hesitant to watch this sequel. But I am glad I finally did. This sequel is clearly better than the original. It is more balanced and has a little more humour. Most of the main characters are far more likable and the CGI and action scenes are fun to watch. For a movie that has the title Sea of Monsters in it I personally expected a little more. More monsters and more dangers. Even when the quest was important and just enough it never felt truly epic. In fact all the events are a little underwhelming. Still this a little nitpicking on my side since I truly enjoyed this second adventure of Percy Jackson. I liked the little jab at Disney and Stanly Tucci offering comic relief. If you are expecting big spectacle and grand action then this sequel might be just as disappointing as the original. If you are able to enjoy the smaller adventure then you will have a fun watch.

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