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Review Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

genre: action, thriller

Jack Ryan is a title I really was looking forward to. I really didn't mind them changing Jack's character being more hands on. However what I do think was really problematic how the story was told. Every film featuring Jack Ryan (The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and Sum of Fears) were excellent action thrillers that knew how to build up tension. Here all the thrills have to come from average action scenes and sequences that supposedly should bring us on the edge of our seats. And for a while I truly was believing it especially after the good start. But soon after it becomes apparent that the story is predictable and cliché. And once you realize that it becomes real hard to like what is being displayed on screen. The simplified good versus evil is laughable at best, I mean really American versus Russia in this day and age. How is that even remotely interesting. Then there is the small sub plot of Jack Ryan and girlfriend Keira Knightly. Were they supposed to be in love? I could not tell. At least Harrison Ford and Anne Archer were incredibly believable as a couple in the previous since their love and romance was in the details. Little glares and gestures that were pivotal. And those are completely lacking here. For me this film lacked emotion and soul. Sure technically sound but films should be about more. I wouldn't waste my time with this. Good for a rainy Sunday afternoon on television. I do need to add that Kevin Costner is good and reliable as always. But he is not on screen that much. Other than that stay clear from it.

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