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Review Rio (2011): Fun ride from the moment it starts and rarely lets up!

genre: animation, adventure

Rio is a fun ride from the moment it starts and rarely lets up. The animation of the parrots is magnificent and it is a joy to see them into action. Since most of this takes place in Brasil a huge emphasis is given to carnaval and sometimes you can feel the epicness of those festivities radiating through the screen. They make you want to party and celebrate also. The story about the domesticated Blue and getting in touch with his roots is an endearing one. I am not sure if it was intentional but it does make you think a little about capturing wild animals and put them in places they don't really belong. Now the only point of criticism one could have is that Rio is presented as nice and clean all the time. Very understandable of course. Still they do pay a little attention to the poverty where they can without upsetting the positive vibe and spirit that this film wants you to experience. Excellent animated movie!

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