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Review 3 Days to Kill (2014)

genre: action, drama

3 Days to Kill is a Luc Besson production through and through. It is not afraid to be dramatic when it needs to be but it is never too heavy to get in the way of your enjoyment. Kevin Costner is perfect as the old spy who is forced to quit because of cancer. He humanizes his character even when he is very much capable of killing and hurting. It is one of the things I like about Kevin Costner. He is able to make you relate to a character without making it unbelievable. As always humour and action play important roles in this film and it is very well choreographed and directed. That being said, 3 Days to Kill doesn't do anything new or original. Is that a bad thing? For me personally it is not. But I understand that for some it is not enough. Good action film. Nothing more nothing less.

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