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Review Lucky Break (2001)

 genre: comedy, drama

A little romance with Olivia Williams and James Nesbitt

Lennie James, Timothy Spall and James Nesbitt
Lucky Break is one of so many movies that deserved better and passed by unnoticed. Which is almost extraordinary in itself since we have a stellar cast here (James Nesbitt, Lennie James, Timothy Spall, Bill Nighy and Christopher Plummer plus the director of the very popular The Full Monty. Mostly this is a comedy but seeping through is a little drama or perhaps even criticism on the prison system. I liked this approach very much since it gave you something to think about if you wanted to. But at the same time gave you the chance to overlook and ignore it if you did not want to get confronted with something that heavy. The intensity of some of the actors really helped deliver this. It is fun to watch the main characters set up events because right from the start it is clear they aren't really the brightest or most successful criminals around. Add to that a little romance and you got more than enough to sink your teeth in. This is truly one of the funniest movies I have seen and it really puzzles me why some think it is not. Don't believe me. Well I dare you, go watch this one yourself and tell me I was wrong. A must watch! 

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