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Review Comme un chef (2012)

 genre: comedy

When Comme un chef came on my radar I at the time did not pay much attention to it. On a whim I decided to watch this and I am very glad I did. Not only was it an excellent viewing experience. It restored my faith that there are still film makers out there who know how to make good movies. You don't need huge complex plots to evoke emotions. All it takes is a subject people can relate to and some fine actors who can deliver their roles in a believable way. Anybody passionate about cooking will be able to identify with one of the main characters or the thought that is put in to celebrate this affection and passion. Now you don't really have to be fond of cooking. There are other themes present although very subtle that one could relate to. Jean Reno as the older Chef and Michael Youn as the younger one have chemistry and it is a joy to see them together. The dynamic between them and the other cast members is simply intoxicating and makes you feel really good in the end. Time flew by when watching this and it made me wish that more directors of late would take notice how little it takes to make a fun and enjoyable film. A must watch.   

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