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Review Prisoners (2013)

 genre: drama, thriller

Prisoners without a doubt has a lot going for itself. It's compelling and full of excellent acting especially when it is Hugh Jackman concerned. It was like he knew he had to make up for the lacklustre The Wolverine. Because I can tell you Hugh as Keller Dover is far more frightening than the tough mutant with the claws. And most of the power comes from him even if he is off screen. Jake Gyllenhaal as a cop is interesting enough yet there was not much to him that made me care for him other than in a few scenes. His tick was distracting but not enough to fool me in believing there was more to him. Actually most of the other characters lack depth. Terrence Howard was able to show more in the few minutes he got but there were times I was expecting more explosive interactions between people. But the people in this film (apart from Keller) seem to have the gift to stay magically composed when they interact only to get a tantrum against some poor chair or keyboard. Let us please take a moment for the poor keyboard that died at Loki's hands. Damn you Thor where were you to save him? Yeah, sorry for this. But how can you name a character Loki and take him serious? Still it is possible to argue there is a lot hidden within these characters if you take the time to dissect the story. Only you have to ask yourself would it be worth the time to do so. Because in this case you are not supposed to look for depth. You simply need to follow the story that can get very dark at times. Which also requires you to overlook plot holes and highly unlikely events but which I can't say too much without spoiling. The one question that most of the viewers will ask themselves undoubtedly be how far you are willing to go in order to find and rescue your child, Here is where the focus lies. Two and a half hours might seem like a lot but because Prisoners does manage to draw you in and makes you forget about the time. I loved this film when watching but reflecting on it days later I do think Prisoners is flawed in a lot of ways. It relies on Hugh Jackman's immense acting power too much. I personally don't mind at all. But for ones who don't like the guy (shame on you) might be hard to swallow since it makes viewing the film so much harder. The grim and dark tones in the story ask for distractions the film never gives. We don't really get to see enough what people are going through. Which is exactly the kind of distraction that could make it more human. If you think about it long enough you will find major plot holes in some of the biggest twist and turns. Still these are flaws that won't detract from the overall experience. Definitely a must watch!

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