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Review World War Z (2013): Thrilling without having to use blood and gore!

genre: action, horror

World War Z gets a bad rep because it is being rated as a PG horror. And therefore fans of the genre might have the impression the movie won't be doing zombies or infected people justice. While a lot of the mythology was skipped on and they could have elaborated a little more I have to say I disagree strongly. From the moment we are introduced to the terror you gradually feel for Brad Pitt's character and the rest of the human race. Especially when right after a feel good moment something terrible happens. But of course you don't really get to know characters that well since they are dealing with infected people wanting to eat them. And for the most part I was fine with this. Add more drama or something else and it would distract too much. Does the lack of blood and gore really matter? No, not at all. See people World War Z is an example of how it can be done without resorting to cheap tricks. Just create situations or events where things seem impossible and overwhelming and you have yourself a thrilling or horrific moment. Naturally there is enough to complain about.  But for once I am not jumping on that band wagon. I liked this one very much and people should give this movie a break since it does a lot without having the need to for acts where intestines are being ripped out and eaten or something similar. The fact that people disown a movie just because it does not have blood or gore (at least not much) tells me that a lot of them haven't got a clue what a good thriller or horror entails. Which is rather sad if you ask me. I have considered that some might be disappointed because it differs too much from the book. Well, yes I can understand that but still when it comes to adaptations one has to accept that and look if at least the spirit of the book is the same. Since I have not read the book I can't say anything sensible about this. But if someone would like to comment on this then please feel free to do so. For me this film was very entertaining and deserves much better recognition.    


Dan O. said...

It’s a good movie if you want a couple of scares here and there, but it stops working after awhile and its flaws begin to show their ugly heads. Good review Michael.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

Thank you Dan O.
I do agree that at one point in the middle the movie loses some steam. Although I think while flawed it turns that around in the final act. Maybe it is far from a big spectacle that people were craving for. But it had good tension.




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