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Review Kick Ass 2 (2013)


The first Kick Ass was well received and highly praised. And honestly I don't get it. Sure there are elements present that make it worth wile to see. Like for example the character Hit girl. A young girl with a potty mouth chopping off limbs is bound to be interesting and appealing. And a lot of the action sequences were very entertaining. As for the rest I am totally confused why people like this comic book adaptation so much. Similar movies like for example Defendor was much better. It took a more serious approach and still was funnier than the childish humour in Kickass. 

Enter Kickass 2. My expectations were very low for this one but sadly I have to say not even those were met. You see the childish humour from the first has increased so much that they did not even bother to focus on other elements. At least the first had a more coherent blend of drama, comedy and action. Now it is a full on comedy making it so much worse. It is almost like the characters are parodying themselves. They hardly take themselves serious so why should the viewer? It is one silly scene after another and on top of that some dramatic events are brushed off like it had barely an impact and did not mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Excuse me! Wasn't the whole point of these masked crusaders that they do make the difference no matter how small their input? To be fair though if you don't take it seriously at all and get into the new vibe of this movie than you might be able to chuckle a few times. Especially when it is Chris D' Amico concerned. He as super villain Mother Fucker was definitely the highlight of the film.  But is it enough and worth the praise Kickass 2 is getting at the moment? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Kickass 2 is worse than it's predecessor which wasn't that good to start with. I had hoped that the makers of the first understood this and were anxious to improve. In stead they diminish the few elements that were good and  add more silliness. Normally I can appreciate that very much as long as heart is put into a project. In fact then I am able to overlook many flaws. But to me in this case it feels like there is no soul to at all.  In my opinion a waste of your time. I wonder how much Matthew Vaughn really was involved with this project?

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