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Review No One Lives (2012): Heavily flawed but quite fun!

genre: horror, slasher

No One Lives is a heavily flawed slasher with just enough to keep it entertaining and fun. The excessive blood and gore (although quite a few times it happens off screen) are a welcome addition and shows how demented our killer is. In a strange way you sympathize with him much in the same way we do with the character Dexter in the TV Show. Although the killer here makes Dexter look like a saint.  Ryhuhei Kitamura almost can do no wrong with me but in this production he does drop the ball a bit when it comes to maintaining a high level of excitement. I saw that he made a lot of progress with The Midnight Meat Train compared to Versus for example because he totally rocked that one. Here he seems to have trouble telling his story. The way some events are unfolded are poorly executed and feel a little detached and thus are not coherent. It raises an expectation that is never met. Still he does compensate a lot with the outrageous killer and his evil acts. And despite it being messy it is quite fun.

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