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Review Trance (2013)


Danny Boyle light

Even with some nice twists and turns I can't but help feel that Trance simply does not have the same energy from his previous movies. You get a little taste of it in some scenes but mostly it is a tame and a lighter viewing experience that mostly is saved by the performances by James McAvoy and Vincent Cassel. Rosario Dawson's role was adequate but somehow did not add that something extra that was needed for her role. The first half hour is excellent. It gives you time to be introduced to some key characters and you know what is at stake. Then after the thirty minutes the way the story unfolds itself is messy. It even drags in scenes that detract from some powerful visuals. And what is up with the choice of music. I can't remember any tune or theme while Danny Boyle always made sure the scenes became more memorable because of the music. Then the last half hour though Trance picks up speed and it is twist after twist. Some really good ones I have to say. So good that they do make it worth to finish watching it. Then there is the lack of humour. Danny Boyle no stranger to the darkest of themes always injected some humour into his projects to prevent the experience getting too heavy for the viewer. It does not make sense for this film to be this serious as it was. Because most of the concept is so far fetched that a little humour could have elevated some lacklustre scenes. Maybe I am being too harsh here. For the record I did enjoy most of Trance. But I am so used to Danny Boyle always delivering the goods that in this case I did feel a little disappointed. Absolutely worth the watch but dial down on the expectations and you will be fine.

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