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Review 1724 Gibangnandongsageon a.k.a. The Accidental Gangster (2008)

genre: comedy, action, romance, drama

Already from the first scene you will notice that this isn't your typical historic piece. A fighting match (a la Fight Night 3) with Matrix like effects accompanied by a modern hip hop beat. There is no doubt whatsoever this movie is meant as a comedy. But the surprise lies in the fact that "1724 Hero" has room for much more serious drama. The romance scenes for once aren't annoying and gives the movie it's edge. Although a bit melodramatic it can be perceived as sincere. The emotions that are depicted by the main characters are universal and can be felt. Something that certainly will appeal to a larger audience. I must admit that glancing through some scenes that this movie seemed very goofy to me. Only after truly watching the movie I discovered that it was a lot fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. You can see that the actors had a lot of fun making this movie. Action fans also won't be disappointed since there is just enough. Only don't expect too much since it is limited to some brawling. These brawling scenes however are beautifully filmed with some cgi in it. It's like watching a live action anime. 

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