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Review The Call (2013): A fast paced thrill ride of tension and good performances!

genre: thriller

The Call is a little predictable but very effective thriller. There are very few surprises apart from the ending which I thought was a little out there and hilarious. It will make you scratch your head but it is one that will work in  favour of the movie. And that kind of ridiculous I am very willing to embrace.

The Call is a fast paced thrill ride of tension and good performances by Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin. For once the teenage victim is not annoying to a point that you want her to get killed. In the short time we get to know her and Halle Berry's character the viewer is made to care about both. And that is all there is needed to stick glued to the screen. However at a certain time in the movie, I believe after 55 minutes or so the the movie loses some steam. But the pace is picked up again in the last fifteen minutes where we even get a small reveal to give a little depth to the killer. I thought it was a nice touch and is something other film makers in this genre should do more often. I dislike thrillers where promises are made and never made good on. Here no promises are made whatsoever and still you get rewarded.

It also is a good example to explain the motive of the killer without elaborating or distracting too much from the action. In this case it even adds to the suspense. That being said don't expect too much though. Fans of the genre won't see nothing they haven't seen before. Overall The Call does what it supposed to do which is keep you thrilled and entertained as long as it lasts.

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