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Review Kidnap (2017): A mother you don't want to mess with!

genre: thriller, drama

Kidnap is an unpretentious on the edge of your seat thriller that does more right than wrong. Is the story a little far fetched and unrealistic? Of course it is. Most Hollywood films are. That doesn't mean it's bad. On the contrary once you know what you are in for all you have to do is let yourself get overwhelmed by the events. Which is easy to do since right from the start we are rooting for on Karla Dyson (Halle Berry). Because on an an emotional level you get where she is coming from and anybody who doesn't understand this isn't human.

It's not a real surprise of what is going to happen to Karla. They showed that in the trailer already. Hell, it's not even a mystery how she reacts to it. Despite knowing, you still will be put on a genuine thrill ride where only a few times you will be asking yourself if some of these events aren't a little convenient. Only you never really get a chance to think or ponder about them too much since like our main character we want things to end well for her no matter what she has to do. I was fully embracing the drive of this mother who besides desperation showed a tenacity you wished all people would have. There were some gripping moments where any other person might not have remained calm or shown restraint. And yet Karla manages to do just that. It's the opposite of what I would have done. So it was very refreshing to see someone act like she did.

May films about kidnappings often only show what happens after people have been kidnapped. This is one of the few films where you get to witness one while it is actually happening. Karla made sure she had her boy in sight all the time. Even when she had to look away she confirmed her son's presence by playing the marco polo game. It was just a matter of seconds she discovered he wasn't there anymore. Not like in most real cases where most caretakers are unaware for a much longer time. I liked how Karla didn't waste a second to make it a pressing issue and was worried beyond belief. You would think most parents would be worried although there are some who would not be. And in most cases they would be right not to worry since there is a high chance that the child could have wandered off it's own. Although I rather want to be worried unnecessarily than not worry and regret it after something bad happens. Kidnap plays around with these emotions and even non parents will be able to relate to this. Besides Hally Berry is completely convincing as the mother on a quest to get her son back.

So this is definitely a must watch if you ask me!

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