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Review Wanted Weaons of Fate (xbox360): best to be enjoyed when played as stylish as possible

Is Wanted Weapons of Fate worth your time?

The game contains a lot of the elements that were in the film. Supposedly it is more in tune with the comics than the film, but since I am not familiar with the comics, I can't say anything sensible about that. For me the game has managed to capture the style and feel of the film, which is incentive enough if you liked the film.

Throughout the game, there are some very cinematic looking quick time events that will instantly remind you of some of the high octane action scenes from the film (Oh no, did he just mention quick time events? I did but trust me nowhere near as bad as it can be like in other games. You actually don't need to press a specific button. You are required to shoot the enemy or his bullets in front of you with a short time frame. It's a little different, but very fun to do.) If  you did not like that any of these stylish aspects or what the film is about, then you probably be better off skipping this game. 

Bullet time and curving bullets and the way they are implemented in the game make it one of those that could have made a typical third person cover shooter into something extraordinary. But in this aspect it has failed. After a while, the game becomes a little tedious fast. Which made me want to finish the game as quickly as possible. Only at times I felt that some sequences needed to be played with style and the special curving skills. I don't know how they came up with it, but curving bullets is one of the most fun mechanics and very satisfying if you managed to directly kill someone. Problem is that curving next to adrenaline (bullet time) needs to be earned. Kill someone or stab someone, and you get a special point. Now, I understand that this could add strategy to your game if you wanted to save up these points for difficult sections. Only apart from a few times you don't actually need the special skills. An experienced gamer can do headshots very easily. Now for me, the curving and adrenaline needed to be unlimited or at east similar to what they used in the Max Payne games. And I tested this theory by inputting the binary codes that made it possible to use certain cheats. One of them was unlimited adrenaline. Which made the last level so much more fun. And almost inspired me to replay the game using these cheats. I love bullet time in games. Also in this one. But to make it limited in a pretty standard shooter is a huge flaw. I hate to say it but yes, Wanted Weapons or Fate is standard stuff. You will breeze through it within a few hours if you manage to say interested, otherwise boredom will kill the enjoyment very soon. My advice is, ignore your pride and use the binary codes, which will make the game much more fun and even will add re-playability.

So to answer the question.
Since it is a very short game (5 hours) I say that in my opinion it is worth your time. Wanted Weapons of Fate has enough fun elements to entertain for the time you are playing it. Even though it is best to be enjoyed when played as stylish as possible. Oherwise it can become a boring experience.

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