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Review Chopping Mall (1986): One of the best B horror movies ever made!

genre: horror, science fiction

Poster is a little misleading since the killer bots don't have hands at all.But I do love posters like these since they manage to make you want to watch the movie.

Said the robot after blasting this woman's head off with his laser beam. And kept saying it after killing people one by one. Chopping Mall, is a fun horror movie that should not be taken too seriously. Security Robots made to serve and protect the people that go Terminator on everyone they meet when lightning strikes and apparently caused them to  malfunction. It's so predictable and cliché but so hilarious. The unsuspecting characters barely have a chance to realize what is happening until it is too late. However there are some who seem able to battle it and they are smart enough to make the viewer care about them. It was nice to see Kelli Marony kicking ass and actually impressed me when she stayed cool when these big spiders and snakes were crawling all over her. The film has a fast pace and the action sequences and effects are all nicely done. From start till finish this is a blast and certainly earns more praise since it is easily one of the best B horror movies made in the oh so wonderful Eighties. (Actually it's one of the best B horror movies ever made period.)


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