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Review Return to the Living Dead film series (1, 2 and 3): BRAINS!

genre; horror, comedy, zombie, science fiction

Return of the Living Dead (1985)

Return of the living dead is a movie that masterfully blends comedy with horror without sacrificing the thrills and tension. The zombies are quite clever and are even capable of speech. Ok, sometimes limited to the word "BRAINS" but at times enough dialogue enough to fool people when using radio's. The most brilliant stand out element in contrast to most zombie movies is that the living dead can't be killed. No matter what the main characters do, they keep coming back. Which takes everything to a new level I haven't seen before. How can you ever survive such a threath? Well,not spoiling but the solution given at the end is pretty drastic and intense.

Return of the Living Dead 2 (1988) 

Return of the living dead 2 is a sequel that for the most part ignores what happened in the original yet relies on the viewer having seen it. Since it is filled with jokes and references concerning the events and some characters of the first. Which I thought was pretty clever. Basically ROFTLD 2 offers more of the same only with the comedy increased. The zombies are less scary although they still look and act pretty menacing. There is more gore and looks very convincing thanks to brilliant make up and special effects. The main characters even come up with a solution to stop and kill the zombies. When reading reviews I was surprised to see many disliked this sequel.And mostly because of the comedy factor. Well,if you are expecting a serious affair then I can understand the disappointment. But the original wasn't that serious to begin with. So it was darker and it was more thrilling. Even then the comedy element was present throughout. Hardly shocking that the sequel would rather go for laughs then trills. Everything in this part is still very eighties. And apparently for some the eighties is a period they don't understand or rather forget. For me the eighties was a wonderful era and simply love most of what created back then especially when it comes to movies and music. Speaking of music one of the jokes was a reference to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Short but long enough to amp up the nostalgia factor. How can that be a bad thing. Overall a nice sequel that is very entertaining and enjoyable throughout.

Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

This second sequel is extremely underrated if  you ask me. So yes, it was a little different from the previous parts in the franchise but in this case that is not a bad thing at all. This part is more serious and does take some time for events to start happening. But when they do it's just as fun and gory as the previous two. Although the gore factor is easily multiplied ten times. Brian Yuzna certainly has stamped his unique style all over this film since the zombies look delightfully dangerous and more menacing if that is even possible. But at the same time some of these zombies act equally as weird as the previous zombies in the franchise. Maybe they are even more dangerous since they are able to think much longer as their predecessors. Melinda Clarke as Julie Walker,the first S&M zombie ever certainly impresses as she manages to create sympathy for her character.That and the fact that a Romeo and Juliet like story is bound to be interesting in a zombie infested universe especially when one of the lovers becomes one. Definitely worth watching!  

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