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Review Paranormal Activity (2009): When you realize aliens forgot to brainwash you like they did with the rest!

genre: supposedly horror but unintentional comedy would be more suited
           if you manage to stay awake from this borefest.

Misleading much.One of the Scariest Movie of all time!Yeah right.The nerve of these people."The imprint it leaves on your psyche".If this film has managed to do this than that someone has to be one of the most weak minded creatures that has ever lived in the entire universe.No wonder aliens refuse to treat us like equals and reveal their selves.They are scared of our immense idiocy.

Before I start.There is one thing I need to get off my chest.

The one thing that is clever about this film is the marketing.Without it this would never have become the hype it is till date. So I get that people were fooled the first time. But the fact that this franchise has made yet another sequel (Paranormal Activity 4) is mind boggling. I mean it was blatantly obvious that apart from more story the core of the sequels would be same to the original. Which is empty. There is absolutely nothing that warrants a viewing.

When it comes to imagination then I am like space. It's infinite. I can think of the most craziest things and events in my mind. But one drawback of the whole concept is the fact that it is limited to what you know. The beauty of books, movies, video games and art is that it shares other people's fantasies or thoughts with you. It becomes a more powerful and wonderful experience when your mind and that of the artists interact of fuse in a way that even more magic is created. That often is enriching or in the least entertaining and fun. Paranormal Activity doesn't do that. In stead it heavily relies on what you can imagine. You will have to since there is not a single event (apart from the last scene) that makes you want to lose yourself in them. Lack of story or sympathetic characters made everything worse. Not having a solid story can be overlooked or forgiven when other elements are strong enough. In most cases that comes down to good actors or thrilling events. In Paranormal Activity there is none of that. Now there were a few scenes that were hilarious. Especially when they went in super serious mode. But is that enough to give it the praise it is getting? HELL NO! There are a bunch of Eighties horror films that are creative, original, scary and funny that actually deserve this praise but for some reason get slain by critics and viewers instead. Even the worst of these films at least tried to tell a story. The makers of this film solely depend on the hype created and have succeeded. Which is the true horror. If it hasn't become clear by now. Paranormal Activity is absolutely the crappiest of crap films I have ever seen.

Let me repeat:

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