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Review Merentau (2009)

genre: martial arts

While I can understand Indonesia being proud of their first ever proper martial arts movie (assuming that is the case). This movie simply isn't good enough to make it stand out and certainly doesn't deserve to be compared to Ong Bak. Completely ignore the story as there barely is none. And the little bit of story that is is far too depressing. One of the biggest mistakes that is made is the fact that this movie takes itself too seriously. There is no comic relief whatsoever. Now for the action scenes. While the action was decent it never impressed me that much. The fight scenes never were hard hitting. It looked very choreographed which really kills the excitement which was barely there any way. It seemed like the people involved never have seen the early Hong Kong movies to see how it should be done. For a first Indonesian martial arts movie it might be decent but to an avid martial arts movie lover it lacks too much. 

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