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Review Shaolin aka Xin shao lin si (2011)

genre: drama, action, martial arts

When hearing the name of Shaolin I immediately think kungfu. And there is just enough of that to make this movie your worth while. However, this movie is just too serious and melodramatic for my taste. It is one tragedy after another. You will see people dying in almost every scene. Shaolin tries too hard to tell a message which for some reason doesn't get clear except for the most obvious one. Greed is bad and makes you kill people. Or something in that fashion. One could also argue if the message is that war in general kills people. Duh! Whatever the message is, it is killing the flow in the movie. Of course I like to see a nice story in an action movie. But most of the time that doesn't go together. The actors are completely wasted in this and they have shown much better in the glory days of the kungfu genre. Try to enjoy this movie for the action and forget the rest or if you are up for it bring tissues.

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