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Review Safe House (2012)

genre: action, thriller

Safe House is an action thriller a la Bourne Ultimatum only much lighter on the intrigue. That is quite an achievement since Bourne was already pretty light. And if you are content with that you will absolutely love it. But for the ones who do expect more from actors like Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds it can be a disappointing affair. Because they aren't given the space to deepen their characters. Only at the finale we get to see a glimpse of what Denzel might have offered. Which is far too late. When two characters are put together and where it is not clear where they both stand it would have been nice to see scenes where the dynamics between them are explored a little further. It was far too friendly if you ask me. Being a professional or not. If somebody tried to hurt maybe even kill you I would have smacked him so hard that he would remember it for a long time. At least some banter between them would have added something also. Now it was more like Tobin Frost (Denzel) speaks and Ryan listens. To be fair I do think both actors tried hard to make it work with what they were given. It is the direction that was lacking. With the focus on action it was to expected that plot and character development would practically be non existent. Overall enjoyable but a little average. Denzel does add some flavor to the mix but it is not enough to make the movie stand out.

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