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Review Phantom of Death (1988): Not to be taken seriously and worth your time!.

genre: giallo

This giallo starts out pretty good. It has almost anything that one could wish for. Very gory and bloody deaths. A killer who seems to be taunting and teasing the police about their incompetence to get him. Which of course promises a thrilling cat and mouse game between them. Then one incredibly huge mistake is made. At least I thought so.Are you ready? The killer is revealed. Come again? Yes, you read it right. One of the biggest sins one never should commit when making a giallo. That this is puzzling is an understatement. Especially since I think in this case it would have stumped even the most fanatic giallo lover. The plot uses a device that is pretty unique and original which could have given the killer an edge if they had bothered to be a little more creative. In stead it remains superficial and sadly also functions as a very unconvincing motive. So until the reveal Phantom of Death is thrilling and chilling. After it’s very uneven and barely suspenseful. Miraculously it never becomes dull. Which can be credited to the actors. Even when Donald Pleasance and Michael York are overacting like there is no tomorrow. The promised cat and mouse play is less exciting as promised although there are moments that you can't but help feel for dear old Donald who does seem burned out. You might have noticed I still haven't mentioned Edwige Fenech yet. And my explanation is simple. While most of you will agree that she is the ultimate queen of giallo she has nothing to do here. Her role is so minor that it seemed like a glorified cameo. Still it can also be counted as one of the plus points. Phantom of Death is flawed and might seem pretentious at first. Then you will realize that it is not to be taken seriously at all which will increase your viewing pleasure. Worth your time!

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