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Review Watch me when I kill (1977): In my opinion not worth your time.

genre: giallo

As giallo's go this one to me was not as exciting as it could have been. It started out promising. If you are willing to overlook some sloppiness like the throat being cut but not actually cutting an artery.Then there is the female lead Mara who is hardly a lead at all. She is more there to move the story along and motivate her friend Lucas in playing detective. It wasn't exactly clear to me what his job was but apparently he did not take it very seriously. Gradually we see him getting to the bottom of things. The way that he went about this was hardly interesting to a point that I even dozed off. One of my biggest problems with this giallo was that it only touched moments of suspense while the story lend itself for more. The killings lacked creativity which could have been forgiven had they been hard hitting or more brutal. Except for one, which involves an oven. The red herrings were barely present. Meaning the viewer gets introduced to some characters. But apart from a few lines there isn’t much to them. This is rather odd. At least some effort could have been put in to make them suspicious. In short everything that could have enhanced the tension and thrills were missing. In that aspect it felt more like a English crime drama or German krimi. There are some elements to the story that make it interesting and maybe give some food for thought. But that doesn't change the fact that overall it is average. In my opinion not worth your time.

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