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Review Nothing Underneath:The Last Parade a.k.a. Sotto Il Vestito Niente - L'ultima Sfilata (2011)

genre: giallo, soap opera

Normally, I would applaud any effort to bring back giallo into this time period. And with the director of the original Nothing Underneath at the helm of this second sequel, it looked promising.

Sadly, I have to report that everything that made the first two so appealing was not present in this production. For some reason, this looks and feels like a TV film. Now I know the eighties are gone. Say what you want if there was one thing that they excelled in that time was how to be stylish. None of that here. The matters become worse since the killings are too much apart from each other and quite uneventful. Not once does it feel threatening like there is a killer on the loose. Maybe one scene came close, which I knew in advance it was going to be a major red herring. The point is that there was barely any suspense to speak of in this film. Then there was Richard E.Grant. He is a very competent actor. But here he was useless and even overacting. He made it look like he was in some farce. The so-called mystery behind it all is the most ridiculous at all. I have seen some lame motivations, but this one lacks all logic and reason. Even within the realm of this franchise. It dawned on me that this second sequel isn't a giallo at all. But a soap opera or one of those paperback romance novels. And if you weren't sure enough, the last scene will make that clear to you. 

So the best approach for any enjoyment is to forget you have seen the (far more superior) first two movies and to treat it like it is a farce. There are enough moments to back that up. Like the scenes between the police inspector and his partner. But for people craving for something similar to Nothing Underneath and Too Beautiful too Die will have to give this a miss.

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