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Review Final Exam (1981): Bare with it for a while then it will deliver slasher goodness!

genre:horror, slasher

Pretty decent slasher even when it tries to imitate Halloween a little. One thing that really stands out is how likable the characters are. Even the typical bully type jock is no real jerk like in most similar movies. Which does help make you care for the future victims. At least to the point you don't want them to get killed. And that is very refreshing to see.Since in most slashers you can't wait for them get killed in the most cruel way possible. The killer has no back story whatsoever. He is just there to kill and that is all you have to know. He is big and strong and seems to be having major Ninja skills. For a guy that big to be stealthy, swift and able to catch arrows when shot that is quite an accomplishment. At very brief moments you will see him hiding behind trees that are thinner than he is. But they never spot him. Isn't that incredible! In all fairness, the fact that they can't spot him in time does enhance the suspense and thrills. Don't expect a masterpiece. And be open to some cheesy (but charming) characters. It does take about an half hour for Final Exam to get into gear. When it does Final Exam will deliver slasher goodness. 

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