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Review Too beautiful to die a.k.a. Nothing Underneath 2 (1988): This giallo is really enjoyable

genre: giallo

Spiritual sequel to Nothing Underneath. With little variation to the topic touched in the original. In fact it for the most part follows a similar story only this time there was no real main character. We follow the different characters that are presented to us. In theory, apart from the inspector every one could be seen as a victim or potential killer.This approach might seem interesting at first but is not that effective. Because early on in the story it becomes apparent who the victims will be. Which shifts the focus to the killer. Since there are only a few real suspects it damages the surprise factor. Nevertheless this giallo is really enjoyable since it does excel in certain departments that make it stand out a little. Style, a very menacing murder weapon and hot women. Above all just as the original it’s so very eighties.  How can you go wrong with that?

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