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Review Nothing Underneath a.k.a. Sotto il vestito niente (1985): I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Completely worth your time!

genre: giallo

Nothing Underneath is a very stylish and good giallo. It may not be perfect but it managed to hold my interest throughout the movie and not once was I disappointed. I found it refreshing to see that the police inspector (solid role from Donald Pleasance) took the main character seriously and also managed to be sympathetic. Which is a change from other giallo's where the police act stupid or are annoying. The main character is also very likable. Even when they attached a little supernatural touch (telepathic connection between him and his twin sister) he never overacts. Most actors  in this movie are pretty solid which makes it a very pleasant watch overall. The killings are nicely done and never over the top. From the title you might get the idea there will be much nudity. And while there is nudity it is shown in a brief and tastefully manner. Sometimes even arousing. This may be the erotic part that is referred to. I think it's there to illustrate the setting the main character finds himself in. There he is in a hotel amongst these beautiful and hot models (from what I understand real ones) which is enough to make any man lose sight of what he was set out to do. In this case to find his sister. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Completely worth your time! 

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