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Review Underworld Awakening (2012)

 genre: action, fantasy, horror

It is very rare in a film series for a sequel to be better than the previous movie in that series. But that is exactly the case with Underworld Awakening. The first Underworld was OK but I can't even remember that one. The second one was much better but still not convincing enough. Then comes in a prequel. Surprising enough it was superior to the second and the original. And simply the most entertaining and the best in the series. At least it was. Underworld Awakening follows right after Underworld Evolution and is slightly better than Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Why? Because it manages to hold your interest and then some from start to finish. Which had to been a difficult task especially when every storyline in the Vampire and Werewolves Universe has been done to death. Not that the story is that compelling although the movie does manage to demand from you to wonder what is going on since the viewer is left in the dark about some things. Which is a brilliant move since it makes you get involved. Not that you really get the chance to sit down and ponder. Because Awakening has one incredible pace. On top of that it offers almost non stop action with just the right amount of thrills to intensify that action. I can't remember a contemporary movie that has managed to do this for quite some time now. So only for that this movie is worth your attention alone. The other is Seline (Kate Beckinsale). Thought she was kick ass in previous movies. Well, she managed to top that with ease. It is a delight to see her chop some Lycans and humans into pieces. In her defence they did try to kill her first. Safe to say they had it coming! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and was actually very sad to see it end so fast. Although there is a hint of yet another sequel. If they manage to follow the trend then I am all for it. Until then you simply will have to watch this as soon as possible!

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