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Review Night Warning a.k.a. Nightmare Maker (1983)

genre: thriller, horror

Night Warning a.k.a. Nightmare Maker is a strangely compelling movie. And the one reason you can see in the poster. Susan Tyrell plays an aunt who takes care of her nephew after his parents die in a horrible car accident.Already in the opening scene it is make clear that the aunt is not all together. The most remarkable thing is that there is an actual build up in the craziness of this aunt. Most characters in the movie do think she is weird or strange. But she goes from that to worse. The audience is shown how crazy she is in little scenes to assure us something sinister is going to happen. Very clever is that the characters in the movie don't suspect it until it is too late. Bo Svenson who seems smart enough shows exactly what some real life cops suffer from. Tunnel-Vision. Once he made his mind up of who he thinks is the killer he simply refuses to look beyond even when his colleague has some compelling theories and evidence to direct him towards someone else. Apparently his character has some issues with gay people and he has made it his personal mission to make their life hell as much as he can. Especially when he can attach murder to them even when they are innocent. Bo is definitely not a nice man in this one and it is a little distracting still that should not spoil the fun. 

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