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Not allowing comments on Youtube

Recently I have been very active on Youtube. One of the things I have noticed is that sometimes I can't comment on a video because it has to be approved by the uploader. This could be the reason why you only see positive comments. Now I must say that at first it is hard to accept the negative ones but if they have a solid point or are constructive then I think leaving out those comments do more harm than good. I am so against censorship of any kind. Of course there are comments that have no place there. But those can be removed after it's placed. If all would do this then what exactly would be the point of commenting at all? I think to ensure freedom for speech for all one should be able to make their point as long as it is a valid point and not just random insults directed at someone. Some even disable comments altogether. To deny someone to comment will eventually make people lose interest and not be invested in watching youtube video's. One can learn from feedback. 

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