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Review Iron Man 2 (2010): A bit underwhelming!

 genre: action, adventure, superhero, science fiction, comic book adaptation

From a sequel to the excellent original you expect more and better. While this movie isn't bad it did not wow me like the first one did. Robert Downy junior is excellent and does save the movie from getting extremely dull. I can understand the director's approach to make this superhero movie into something more. But in doing so he sacrificed the one thing that matters the most in movies like this,action. There is not enough action. And the action that was depicted wasn't nearly as exciting as it was in the original. For a movie about Iron Man there just wasn't enough Iron Man to be enjoyed. And let's face it. That is the one reason people are coming to see this movie. To me the plot in an action movie is always secondary. Since in this case the focus was on the story I do have to say something about it. Well, that is going to be difficult. There is no coherent plot to speak of. And as a result it is far less compelling than it could have been. The villain (Mickey Rourke) isn't bad ass enough to actually be taken as a serious threat. The introduction of Black Widow showed promise, but ultimately was more used as window dressing. Finally we got to see War Machine in action. Still far to brief for my liking. All in all there is a decent movie but nowhere near the level of the far superior original. 

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