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How to avoid police in Ghosts of the Past mission in Watchdogs (easy way)

For some of you (including me) this might be a very frustrating mission. It's very easy to get spotted and once that happens you fail the mission. First I tried hiding in back alleys and wait it out until I could move again. Then I noticed that there is an easy way to get out of the search circle. 

- When you start the mission take the right exit

- Then go as straight as possible towards the river.

- Follow the foot path until you come to the curve and keep driving straight on the grass field and dirt road. 

- You will find yourself at a crossing that might be crawling with police cars and helicopter patrolling.
(In case you don't want to risk it I suggest to take a breather and park behind the wall next to the coffee shop near you. You can hide and then if you want to disrupt the helicopter. Do this three times and the helicopter will disengage.) When you feel confident back out and go to the crossing and go right and straight as possible until you can't go further.

- Then go left and straight.

If you done it the way I said you now are on a parking lot where on your left is a speedway and straight on you see a bridge. Go towards the bridge and drive under it. Don't wait and hide here as the police will check. But as you might have noticed there is a dirt road here. Keep following this road and stick to the right of this road and you will be out of the circle in no time. Once out of the circle you will get the message you escaped the police successfully and can simply drive to your destination without any problems.

Here is a video of the path to take. I made this video after I escaped the police so you won't be seeing them chasing me:

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