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Review Wyrmwood (2015): One of those zombie movies that truly is creative!

genre: action, horror

The cover says Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead and they were not kidding. That is exactly what it felt like and I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

At first glance this might be like your typical low budget zombie flick that replaces good effects and storyline with cheesiness, but very surprisingly that stays to a tolerable level. Most of the events are told in serious manner, with here and there the required comic relief. But the deaths of characters in this film does get to you because for once you don't want them to die. Well, the good guys at least. Because the cast are convincing as the unwanted heroes finding themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. What I did not expect at all was how director Kiah Roache-Turner managed to add some originality to this zombie tale and shows how creative you still can be even when there might be a zombie fatigue going on and people seem to be running out of ideas to incorporate some freshness.  

I absolutely loved this film and can't wait to see the sequel if they are going to make one that is or other work from this super creative director. A must watch if you are a horror fan.

Editorial note: Seems like I got my wish and the sequel has been made, Wyrmwood: Apocalypse. Naturally, I will review it as soon as I am able to get hold of a copy. Until then, enjoy the trailer!

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