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Review The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2024): A very enjoyable viewing experience!

genre: action, drama, war

When it comes to adaptation and films based on true stories, I can't help but wonder how true they really are. Hollywood has a real talent for exaggerating and changing these stories for dramatic effect. Sometimes with good results. Sometimes with real, devastating result. In this case, I am simply not sure. Although I read that in the true story, not a single shot was fired. So maybe we should take some events with a grain of salt.

That being said, I enjoyed the film from start to finish. It had a good pacing and rarely slowed down. Perhaps there were some moments where they could and should have done so. Like for example with the interactions between Heinrich Luhr (Til Schweiger) and Marjorie Stewart (Eiza González). They begged for high tension drama. Then again, those would have fallen out of the lighter tone of the film. So I guess I understand why they didn't go as deep as I wanted them to. But speaking of Eiza. She is doing quite well. It seems like she is improving with each film she is in. Very much looking forward to seeing her in other productions. I wished I could have said the same about Til Schweiger. Boy, he is looking rough. And it's not old age I am talking about. Apparently he is an addict and it shows. Such a shame. Acting wise, he is adequate. You can tell he can do much better. For some reason, though, is heart is not in it. I think the whole cast was good. Including Alex Pettyfer who is so much more deserving of better roles. Let's hope that this will kickstart his acting career into the second gear. Cavill and Ritchson make a good duo and wouldn't mind seeing them in other projects together.

Story wise, there isn't that much to tell. It's pretty straightforward and not that many surprises. Since this is a mission based film, you don't really get the chance to explore the characters. But it's not really necessary. Since the focus lies on the adventure, action and spectacle. In that regard, it's serviceable to good. So how much of Guy Ritchie is in this film. I don't think as much as one would expect. Still enough there to make it stand out a little. Think Inglourious Basterds meets Casablanca. Overall, a very enjoyable viewing experience!

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