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Review Door (1988): There are better home invasion films out there!

genre: horror, mystery, thriller

When we first get introduced to our main character, she seems like a happy loving mother and good wife. But there are little situations she gets very annoyed and even frustrated about. Especially about salespeople calling her. Then when a salesman is at her door she responds quite aggressively. Of course, I understand the feeling, but if she just had ignored him he would have moved on. What does she do instead? She opens the door, then slams it shut while the guy was trying to hand over a leaflet. As a consequence his hand is hurt badly and wants revenge. 

In both cases, you can wonder why the reactions of the characters are so extreme. The guy then starts to terrorize the housewife in ways that are pretty unsettling. Thing is the wife doesn't properly convey to her husband that she is being terrorized, so the husband doesn't take action. I think she even goes to the police who apparently have better things to do. To be fair like with the husband she fails to express herself properly on the terror she is experiencing.

One could argue that the stalker does manage to get under her skin and where she might even slightly gets excited by the attention, especially after the stalker has called her beautiful. So at times she doesn't respond as adequately as she should. Actually, she is pretty idiotic in the way she handles herself. She is irrational and too careless. I was so annoyed that I hardly had any sympathy for her. Add to that her son, who was behaving just fine until he suddenly has a fit because he can't go to his friend. At one point he just leaves, causing total panic where Yasuko Honda almost totally loses it. Again understandable. But to leave her house unlocked, knowing that she is being stalked by someone, I mean come on!

The end result is predictable but weird as it suggests something that is very implausible. I didn't like it. You had all this build-up, but then fail to deliver on the terror and aftermath. What was even the point? What did I like? There were some creative shots and the soundtrack was very nice. So, can I recommend this? No, there are better home invasion films. Unless this is some hidden message, or perhaps this is like a rape fantasy without the sex and other good bits.

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