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Review Road House (2024): A slapstick comedy that amplifies the current state of Hollywood!

genre: action, comedy

For some reason, this remake is being classified as an action thriller. In the same vein as the original. While the original certainly had a high vigilante vibe to it, and also was able to make fun of itself. It never went Looney Tunes. All the thrills that one could have experienced are undermined by the super light tone that comes across as Sharknado bad. I don't mean, so bad it's good but bad like the OG Sharknado which was awful.

I don't even know where to start with this one. So yes, I was with this film for the first fifteen minutes or so. Then Jake kept grinning like a madman. Surely, he would stop eventually. Yes, for a couple of scenes he does, only to revert to some more grinning. Why? Apparently, he imposed some self therapy on himself after he beat his friend to death because he couldn't control his anger. To compensate and perhaps atone for this, he tries to remain laid-back and happy as possible. The ex UFC fighter apparently lost everything. Now, he goes where the road leads him. Like an outlaw in a western. And if you think this is clever, think again. From the first moment he meets this girl, they imprint this thought in you. Sure the original Dalton, played by Patrick Swayze, was like one, but Gyllenhaal? At one point in the film Connor McGregor's character who basically is playing an over the top version of himself is stating that there is something wrong with Dalton. But that is exactly the case. Dalton is insane. 

Speaking of McGregor. Seems like he was having a blast. He was pretty comfortable walking around naked and exposing his bum. To be honest, the scene where this happens is so out there that I found it amusing. Most likely, due to everything happening before being super boring. And trust me, I really wanted to like this even as a generic action flick. But I couldn't. There isn't a proper villain in the film. The one who is supposed to be is as threatening as a cuddly Labrador. McGregor looks and acts so ridiculous I could never take him seriously. In a making of video on YouTube he tells he was asked to ham it up. And while at first this was amusing, it resulted in a goon who you never could take seriously. Then the action. Serviceable at best, but the gimmicky camera work is stupid. I said it. Completely undermines what should have been tight and intense hand-to-hand combat sequences.

Look, the original Road House was far from a masterpiece. But it at least had heart. This remake has none. It's soulless and feels artificial. And what was even the point of the remake? Did they really think they could improve upon a classic? I mean, sure, they easily could have, but for that you need a good story and people who care. Director, Doug Liman, clearly didn't care. I hate to say it. But this is what Hollywood has become. They can't even be bothered to do the bare minimum to do a proper remake. It's all superficial with nothing to show for it. Unless, you are really aching to see McGregor's bum. You are better off watching the original. You will have a much better viewing experience. 

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