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Review You'll Never Find Me (2023) and Review Stopmotion (2023): Both films are a waste of time!

genre: horror, thriller

Usually I do some research whether I think a film is going to be worth it or not. This is quite tricky because even if a trailer, for example, comes across good, there is a high chance that what you are shown is the best the film will be. Thing is, you never quite know. Here is where reviews and reactions come in. And let me tell you, the ones I read couldn't be more deceiving.

Let us start with You'll Never Find Me. It started out quite well, where you don't quite know what is going on, but where both characters could be shady. To an extent, this is quite effective. But after twenty minutes or so, the film is repeating itself. At one point, I already figured out what was going on. I guess they went on with it for the few who didn't. This transgression only could have been remedied had they implemented some sort of twist that could have put things upside down. Unfortunately, this never happens. It went the direction I foresaw, but in a torturous pace that definitely is going to be a test of your patience.

The dialogue is also iffy. Real people don't talk like the characters do. They don't even act like they do. But you go with it with the hope it will lead to something good. And that never happens. The film is only 96 minutes but felt like it took forever. Sure, they did what they could with the obvious low budget, but Sam Raimi and others have been able to do much more. If anything, Raimi knew how to balance out the weird with the real. This film is bizarre and only survives because of the competent acting. Overall, I really wouldn't bother with this. In the end, it's neither scary nor thrilling.

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After having watched the fiasco that is, You'll Never Find Me, I was up for some true horror. And I received quite that. It's easily one of the worst and horrific films I have ever seen.

First, if like me, you were reigned in by the stopmotion gimmick, forget about it. It's present but not as terrifying or creative you hope. This film also tries to focus on psychological horror without ever giving you the substance and depth to sink your teeth in. It's all very predictable and never ever delivers. Even the snippets of body horror are useless and pointless. Yes, I understand that the viewer is supposed to be shocked. But I can assure you, that you will be bored long before. Honestly, some of the imagery might seem bloody or nasty, they left me cold. I simply wasn't invested enough, since the lead obviously is not right in the mind from the start. I had like sympathy with her for approximately 5 minutes or so. 

Again we are dealing with filmmakers who think they are clever but actually follow the most predictable route possible. Or they really must have contempt for their audience. I mean, yes, I have my guilty pleasures and might seem to only love the simple horror films that follow the established tropes. But this is not true. I do like to be challenged. Still, that doesn't excuse the filmmaker to deny logic. Even in their own worlds, there need to be rules you can rely on. Stopmotion in this regard is so messy, I don't even know where to start. And yes, I got that the lead highly likely is suffering from severe trauma due to a very strict and perfectionist mother who she is afraid of disappointing. This was very apparent from the first five minutes. I was on the psychological elements. Thing is that filmmakers always go to the very extreme and show a representation of issues that never play out like this in real life. For once, it would have been nice where they would stay closer to the truth, and they play around it. It would definitely be scarier and impactful. 

Don't waste your time. This film is truly insulting to anyone's intellect. And I would have been fine with the themes chosen had it actually scared me to death. It never does. 

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