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Review Congo (1995): A fun film that doesn't take itself too seriously!

genre: action, adventure, mystery

It's been a while that I have seen this, so truth be told I couldn't remember that much of the film, which was a blessing in disguise.

For what it's worth, it still holds up as an old school fun action adventure flick. There are many events in the film you should take for granted. Thinking too much about them will seriously ruin your enjoyment. But I had had to admit, that some scenes are a little too campy and goofy even for me. I don't think I would have minded this if the thriller elements were a little stronger. There are one or two scenes where there is some tension and suspense, but not throughout. And this due to the fact that the apes in the film aren't real. The concept of the film only works if they are real. I did accept Amy as if she were a real gorilla. The killer apes, however, looked too fake.  I don't quite understand why they didn't combine practical effects with CGI in the same manner as they did with Jurassic Park. Anything to strengthen the illusion, which was very needed. But the apes not looking real make them less threatening. Although, to be fair, the actors did a great job of selling the terror when it was needed. So I was able to overlook this transgression. 

Despite some of the campiness in the first part of the film, Congo, does deliver on the events you want from an action adventure. Just enough mystery and thrills to keep things interesting, but not going so far that it becomes pretentious and preachy. Congo also benefits from excellent actors like Ernie Hudson, Dylan Walsh, Laura Linney and Tim Curry. My main reason to revisit this film was Bruce Campbell. Sadly, he is not long enough in the film to make an impression. He is one of the few who actually plays it straight. 

Overall, a fun film that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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