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Review Last Seen Alive (2022): A great film to check out!

genre: thriller, action

Real estate developer Will Spann and his wife Lisa Spann (Jaimie Alexander) are driving to her parents' house. The main reason is that she needs space after she has cheated on Will (Gerard Butler). At the gas station where Will needs to fill up the tank, Lisa goes into to the market to then disappear. Immediately, Will is panicking, because rightfully so, this is out of character even for Lisa to just disappear like this.

Instead of waiting, Will takes the proactive approach by searching and pursuing every clue he can get his hands on. He also calls the police, who also come into action, but are more reserved and even suspect him of foul play. I have to point out that before the disappearance, I had zero sympathy with Lisa, but I was rooting for Will since he seems to be the only one doing what needs to be done. Of course, this doesn't go super smoothly and Will makes a lot of mistakes. Yet, he never stops. And while this may sound familiar to every other action thriller out there, there is this sense of tension and dread present, because like Will and the police, we have no idea what happened to Lisa. 

I was a little hesitant to watch this since premise wise it sounded familiar to The Vanishing (a remake of Dutch film Spoorloos which in turn was an adaptation of The Golden Egg (Het Gouden Ei), one I can recommend BTW. I really didn't want to be exposed to a lesser remake where the focus was more on the action than the psychological drama. But I am happy to report that it's not similar, not even close. And that is great, since it allows Gerard Butler to give it the intensity it needs. By now he is a master in that and it never gets tiring. Even when some of the acts of his characters are real stupid.

Overall, a great film to check out on your favourite streaming service!

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