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Review Missing in Action (1984): A heavily flawed Rambo clone starring Chuck Norris!

genre: action, adventure

Missing in Action is a heavily flawed Rambo clone starring Chuck Norris. Normally that should be enough.

This film points out when Chuck Norris is at its best and his worst. Apart from the opening scene, it takes a while for the action to begin. Chuck wants to do some snooping and to give himself an alibi when things go wrong, he accepts the offer for a nightcap. Instead of drinking or making love, he goes out to explore. Nobody wouldn't have blamed him if he had sex. But obviously Chuck Norris is above that. He just has to look at a woman to give her an orgasm. While I get what they were going for, the sequence of him climbing and extracting information is quite illogical and too long-winded. 

After acquiring the information, he travels to Thailand (on his own) to assemble equipment and transportation. He visits an old friend who is very happy to help him. Mind you, in any other film, they would have used a montage. But this is Chuck Norris we are talking about. He is so fast that you can't see all the people he is killing on the screen. So I get why these sequences also take a while. For the people who can't see, these scenes drag a little, although they do emphasize how badass Norris is for going through all the trouble to save a bunch of missing American soldiers who are missing in action.

Things pick up in the last part, and it's here where the action is more exciting and iconic. One scene in particular brought a big smile to my face. It's one of those Norris moments you have to see to believe!
While the mission is quite admirable, you do have to wonder whether it's really worth it. I doubt the US government really cares. Still, Braddock (Norris) does and that's all that matters!

Without a doubt one of the best Chuck Norris films. As a Rambo clone, it falls extremely short. You have to sit through a lot of slow scenes before things get really exciting.

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