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Filmography John Woo

Listed here are all the titles John Woo was involved in as a director and producer.

1968 Dead Knot
1968 Ouran
1974 The Young Dragons
1975 The Dragon Tamers
1976 Princess Chang Ping
1976 Hand of Death
1977 Money Crazy[12]
1978 Hello, Late Homecomers
1978 Follow the Star
1979 Last Hurrah for Chivalry
1980 From Riches to Rags
1981 To Hell with the Devil
1981 Laughing Times
1982 Plain Jane to the Rescue
1984 The Time You Need a Friend
1985 Run, Tiger, Run
1995 Peace Hotel (Producer only)
1996 Somebody Up There Likes Me (Producer Only)
2002 Red Skies (Producer Only)
2002 Windtalkers
2003 Bulletproof Monk (Producer only)
2005 The Glass Beads (Producer only)
2007 Blood Brothers (Producer only)
2007 Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina (Producer only)
2008 Red Cliff: Part I
2009 Red Cliff: Part II
2009 My Fair Gentleman (Producer only)
2010 Reign of Assassins
2011 Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (Producer only)
2011 Second Sight (Producer only)
2012 The Killer (Producer only)
2014 The Crossing
2015 The Crossing 2

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